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​In order for us to support the Social Enterprise community in Ireland, we need YOU to become a part of our movement.


Social Enterprises are among the most passionate, dedicated and innovative enterprises in Ireland, but you don’t have to do it alone. We understand that for our sector to achieve its potential, we all need to work together. We are here to support, unite and represent Social Enterprises.

Our guiding principals require us to be inclusive, collaborative and practitioner-led. With this in mind, our first point of business is to build relationships with you, our members, to listen to your ideas, challenges and concerns, so we can offer support that best impacts and empowers our sector.

As this feedback will guide all of our future objectives, all membership fees will be waived until January 2021.

Join us today, and help us to provide a united voice for Social Enterprise in Ireland.

Just choose the membership type which best represents you, and complete the form below.

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