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Get featured in ‘The Escape 100’: a list of the top mission-led companies in 2022

  • Winners get accreditation, visibility, a prize package and join the ranks of previous winners including Ecosia, Too Good To Go, Ocean Bottle, teapigs, Oddbox and more

  • Applicants are scored across 6 criteria: Impact, People, Mission, Planet, Innovation and B-Corp, as well as submitting employee reviews

  • Applications are open until Friday 18 February

Today, applications are officially open for The Escape 100, a campaign spotlighting the top purpose-led companies to ‘escape’ to in 2022. This inspiring list is now in its third year and annually attracts around 13,000+ nominations globally. Last year it crowned organisations like Ecosia, Too Good To Go, Ocean Bottle, teapigs, Oddbox and more, as well as being featured in publications like Positive.News.

The Escape 100 campaign was started by Escape the City. While on their mission to help 1,000,000 quit their corporate jobs and find work that matters to them and the world, they began to wonder: what actually makes an organisation different, forward-thinking, and impactful? They came up with a scoring system of 6 criteria to rank companies (Impact, People, Mission, Planet, Innovation and B-Corp) - and ‘The Escape 100’ was born.

Being selected for The Escape 100 2022 will mean your company is in with the chance to win:

  • Accreditation as a winner, including a website badge and certificate

  • 1 x month of unlimited Escape the City job postings (worth up to £3k/€3.6k)

  • 20x more visibility on Escape the City (2021 winners viewed by 20k people)

  • Prizes such as tree planting, beer and wellbeing coaching discounts

  • 1 x Winners’ Event to network with the Escape 100 companies

  • Benchmarking insights on your organisation

  • Press coverage in prominent publications

So why now? This is a great moment to shout about your company’s positive impact. Since the pandemic started, consumers all over the world are considering their carbon footprint and the global impact of the companies that they buy from. In the job market, employees and freelancers have also been given time to think about what really matters to them, and are prioritising finding new, meaningful, flexible and forward-thinking work environments (as reported by The Times). In short, having your organisation featured in The Escape 100 signals that your team is not only already on this track, but is among the top 100 companies truly leading the way into the post-pandemic world.

Dom Jackman, Founder of Escape the City, explained further: “This list has been designed to rank organisations on the metrics that really matter. What are they doing to save our planet? How do they look after their people? What problems are they solving? These are all things that jobseekers want to know in 2022, and we hope this list helps talented people discover interesting opportunities and organisations that they might not have found otherwise.”

Jamie Crummie, Co-Founder of Too Good To Go, one of last year’s winners, commented on the campaign: "We have big goals and high standards at Too Good To Go, but we’re always looking to “raise the bar” (another one of our values!). The Escape 100 is a great way to reflect on our plans and check in on what we’re trying to achieve...If you're thinking of applying, just go for it!".

The top organisations will get accredited as Escape 100 winners, joining the ranks of social enterprise giants like Ecosia, Too Good To Go and Ocean Bottle. Last year’s companies received 20x more visibility and 25x more job alerts on Escape the City, also unlocking enhanced features like employee reviews to boost their employer brand in front of 150k active jobseekers. Teams will also be mentioned in press, network at a special Winners’ Event and gain benchmarking insights into how their organisation fared during the process.

In addition to these accreditation and visibility benefits, teams will win wellbeing prizes. All 100 companies will start their own geo-localised company forest from a distance, with Treedom (a B-Corp that has planted more than 1 million trees in Africa, South America and Italy), as well as get a 15% discount on Toast Ale (an award-winning craft beer brewed with surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be wasted), and discounts on Sanctus services worth £2500 (an employee-first mental health organisation, offering 1-2-1 coaching), as well as on Matchable services (matching employees with skilled volunteering opportunities). The top 5 companies will also get extra trees for their Treedom Forest, free crates of Toast Ale and a Sanctus Swag pack.

Sounds interesting? To apply, companies of any size can fill in the 10-minute company survey here for free. Applications close on Friday 18th February. Good luck!


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