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Social Impact Ireland's Incubator Programme

Are you passionate about solving a social issue and creating social impact in your community?

Social Impact Ireland's ‘Business for Social Impact’ Incubator Programme is designed specifically to create and develop sustainable businesses that make positive social impact.

This Spring 2022 edition, will be run online and includes a series of interactive workshops, mentorship, personal journey support and more – all customised to each participant’s unique journey.

During this Incubator Programme, they bring to you experts from all areas of business and the social enterprise sector and provide a platform to explore and discover the pathway that best fits your journey ahead.

It is also a unique opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded people – fellow social entrepreneurs sharing and learning from each other as you go through the incubator programme and beyond.

Your Commitment

There is no financial cost for the participants but they can’t say it’s free.

Social Impact Ireland ask you to fully commit to participation – your presence at the 14 workshops held online is crucial.

They also ask you to:

  • Give generously at all stages of your Incubator Programme – the more you put in, the more you will get out of it

  • Willingly share with your fellow participants

  • Commit to upholding the integrity of the programme to your fellow participants

  • Respect all involved, as you expect others to respect you

  • Enjoy and contribute as best you can

The application deadline is Friday 4th February 2022, and you can find out more and apply HERE.


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