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Funding: SEI Launch Spark Bursaries Applications

SEI is making €8000 available in funding! 32 amounts of €250 are being made available to social entrepreneurs just like you with early-stage ideas.

SEI (Social Entrepreneurs Ireland) is welcoming everyone to apply, but they are particularly encouraging applications from people from marginalised and under-represented backgrounds and communities.

As we face unprecedented and continuous change in our society due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SEI knows many more people want to solve social problems in their communities, but the first step is often the hardest one to take. The SEI Spark programme is designed to make social entrepreneurship accessible to people from all backgrounds, with a particular focus on people from under-represented and marginalised communities. They are doing this because members of these communities often face greater barriers to starting out as social entrepreneurs, in comparison to other communities. The aim of the Spark programme, is in part, to help reduce those barriers and provide supports.

Groups SEI is hoping to reach include (but are not limited to):

  • Travelling and Roma people

  • People from other ethnic minorities

  • Migrant communities

  • People seeking asylum

  • LGBTQ+ people

  • People experiencing homelessness or poverty

  • People experiencing unemployment

  • Disadvantaged women

  • Disabled people

  • Older people

  • People experiencing any long-term illness

  • People experiencing poor mental health

Preference will be given to people from marginalised and underrepresented communities at the decision stage. However, the idea is the most important element of this application, and all decisions will be made with this in mind

Through learning, engagement and funding opportunities, SEI hopes to provide the initial spark that will set some amazing ideas alight.

What stage do you need to be at to apply?

SEI invite you to apply if:

1. You have never taken part in an SEI programme, but have the seed of an idea and want to carry out some initial work on it.

2. You are an SEI alumni who have taken part in a STEP stage programme (Ideas Academy and/or Action Lab) and need funding to further your work.

Applications for bursaries are open from 18th October – 12th November.

Download the application guide for more information, HERE.

Apply online HERE.


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