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SERI European Report

Here’s a quick summary of the launch of the EU Action Plan on Social Economy and its relevance for us.

The big news in December which will impact our ecosystem for many years to come has been the launch of the EU Action Plan on Social Economy – here’s a quick summary of its relevance for us:

Business environment: The Action Plan aims to ensure that policy and legal frameworks are

right for the social economy to thrive, by addressing the diversity of its legal forms and

looking at taxation policy, labels or certification systems, public procurement and State aid.

Opportunities and building capacity: The Action Plan improves access to funding for the

social economy, it brings together in one place information on relevant EU funding, policies

and initiatives, it supports scaling-up, and it maximises the social economy’s contribution to

the green and digital transitions.

Awareness and recognition: The Action Plan boosts the visibility of the social economy and

obtains new data about it. It promotes the positive impact of the social economy among

new audiences, including young people. It was amazing to hear the top figures involved in social economy speak at the launch (don’t miss Mohammad Younis). The web streaming of the launch event is available below:

While all the above is very accessible and easily understood, another launch may be for the

specialist. Our own man in Brussels, John Kearns, has been working with a small group to study the applicability of including social enterprises within the EU Cluster Collaboration framework.

Clusterisation is a recognised enterprise growth tool and the EU platform has now been widened to include the possibility of social enterprise and hybrid clusters. If this might interest you, read on. If not, leave it for now and maybe in the future, it might apply.

The final report is now available HERE.


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