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SERI Recommends: Social Media for Social Good

The is an unlimited amount of information out there nowadays and sometimes finding the gold can be a challenge. Whether its a book, a podcast, a blog or a Youtube video, there are lots of resources out there that will help social enterprises and their leaders to launch, scale and succeed.

We feel it's only right, as a collaborative sector, to share some of our favourite resources and your favourite resources for Social Enterprises. We'll start with "Social Media for Social Good" an excellent and practical guide on using social media as a tool to spread your impact.


Today's Recommendation:

Social Media for Social Good

"In a world that seems to be overpopulated with social media experts, Heather is the real thing. Her passion and intuition have made her an invaluable resource to the nonprofit community and she makes social media accessible regardless of position or involvement. " – Danielle Brigida, Digital Marketing Manager, National Wildlife Federation

Why do we recommend this book?

Social Media is often overlooked as a free marketing tool, for spreading awareness, and telling your story, but also for fundraising and crowdsourcing.

If this book is of interest to you, you can purchase it here.

We would love to hear and share some of your favourite resources too. Please send us some suggestions on

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