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SERI RRF Response

In February, SERI asked its members to provide input into our response to the EU Commissions' request for us to develop our own “Ask”.

We asked our members; “If money was no object, what would we ask for to make our social enterprise ecosystem in Ireland capable of growth and being sustainable?”

Following the response, and mindful of the guidelines as set by the EU Commission, SERI lodged our submission on Monday, February 22nd.

Our recommendations included the following actions:

  1. Social enterprise to be an active partner in the overall economic plan for Ireland

  2. Research and analysis on reform of financial support, advice, and information

  3. Provision of information, advice, and mentoring

  4. Major national cross-sectoral PR and marketing campaign

  5. Skills development and enhancement, scaling and reskilling

  6. Social Enterprise Jobs Forum

  7. Digital Upgrade across the social enterprise sector

You can read our response in full below...

SERI RRF Response final
Download PDF • 301KB


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