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Share Impact's Free Resource: Achieving Your Monthly Income Goal In Your Social Impact Business

Kat from Share Impact helps social entrepreneurs achieve their vision for social + environmental change by…

  • Helping you find clarity in what to do next so you can build a movement for change

  • Choosing a business model that aligns with your needs and generates a profit to sustain your social enterprise

  • Building your confidence with selling

  • Crafting and communicating your social impact story so you can attract the right customers and build a community of support

She has created a free resource to help your social impact organisation achieve your monthly income goal.

It includes:

  • Your self-paced WORKBOOK which takes you step-by-step to achieving your monthly income goal in your social impact business

  • My MONTHLY INCOME PLANNING SHEET which I use to get focused on exactly what I need to do each month in my own social enterprise

  • The EXACT spreadsheet template to budget, track my cash-flow and stay on track every month

You can download this resource for free HERE.

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