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Share your experiences with us!

Dear Members,

We meet regularly with the Dept. of Rural and Community Development (DRCD)to highlight issues raised by our members. Recently we have been providing feedback provided by individual members relating to funding criteria, application processes and the experience of accessing Government funded services and supports.

Following these discussions, we would now like to get the views of a wider sample to establish if these issues are common amongst our members.

We would be very grateful if you would share your experiences, positive or negative, with us by completing the linked forms at your earliest convenience. We will compile and anonymise the data on behalf of our membership and supplement with member case studies that we will seek members permission to use.

Have you applied for a support fund, grant or service from any of the following...


Small Capital Grant (DRCD) Click Here

Covid Stability Fund (DRCD) Click Here

Bike Upcycling Scheme Click Here

Other Click Here


LCDC’s Click Here

Local Enterprise Office Click Here

Trading Online Vouchers Click Here

Enterprise Ireland Click Here

Other Click Here

We believe that our collective voices are stronger than our individual parts, so please help us to compile a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of play, so we can advocate for change where needed.

Thanks for your help!


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