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Social Enterprise Tendering Opportunity

Programme to support Social Enterprises in the recovery from COVID-19 is an initiative of the Department of Community & Rural Development with the ambition of delivering supports through a Social Enterprise Regeneration Programme to help Social Enterprises recover from the impact of COVID-19.

The Social Enterprise Regeneration Programme will provide supports through training and mentoring to help social enterprises strengthen their operations and improve their services. County Kilkenny Leader Partnership and Wexford Local Development Company have partnered to design and deliver a mentoring and training programme to social enterprises in Counties Kilkenny & Wexford.

The training and mentoring programme should be underpinned by an approach that is conscious of climate the challenges and building resilient communities. To this end, the buyers are seeking a programme that will have dedicated components on the circular economy and have these linked to how the concept and related practices make for more resilient communities.

This project should be seen in the context of the Circular Economy; this model is about recirculating goods and materials in the economy for as long as possible, while maximising the use of renewable resources and energy sources. This means reusing or repairing existing items, or when that’s not possible, breaking them down into raw materials for the production of new, high recycled-content items. It also means transitioning away from our reliance on coal and gas and accelerating the transition to 100% renewable energy. Social enterprises very often sit at the centre of our more disadvantaged communities.

Prioritising an environmentally sustainable business model can lead the way in positively contributing to a community’s efforts to tackle climate change and take steps towards a just transition. The programme should aim to inform existing enterprises about the circular economy, using case studies to inspire future business direction.

Response deadline (Irish time):

10/09/2021 00:00:00

Find out more information HERE.


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