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Webinar: "Standing out from the crowd" How to effectively market a social enterprise

A webinar on how to market your social enterprise to potential customers and the 'secret sauce' to unlock more customers & contracts.

About this event

This webinar will focus on how best to market your social enterprise to potential customers. It will explore how your social mission can be the ‘secret sauce’ that unlocks more customers and more contracts for your goods and services.

Attendees will hear from Kris Bryson, Partnership Director at UK Based Social Enterprise 'Wildhearts Group' and how they have become the UK’s leading Business-2-Business provider of office supplies.

This Webinar is a joint venture of the Department of Justice, the Department of Rural and Community Development and Pobal.

This webinar takes place online from 12:00 pm - 13:30 pm on Wednesday 28th of July.

To register for this FREE event, click HERE.


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