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Training: Exclusive Discount from our Friends at Common Purpose


Common Purpose Ireland offers an exclusive 50% off for all SERI members for its upcoming Senior Leaders programme!

In these uniquely challenging times, the demand for effective leadership is even greater. Increasingly, the problems we face today can only be solved by leaders who see the bigger picture and adapt to an ever-changing context. In order to deliver resilience, stronger performance and future growth in Irish organisations and across society, leaders must have the perspective, skills and connections to:

  • Understand the broader strategic impact of their work

  • Adapt to novel and complex challenges

  • Bring along diverse teams and stakeholders

  • Remain resilient and purpose-driven

The Common Purpose Programme, using a unique active blended learning approach, will equip senior leaders with the toolkit and diverse network they will need to thrive in an uncertain future. Over 4 months, participants undertake a multidimensional leadership learning journey focusing on three key leadership areas:

  • Personal Agility

  • Leading People

  • Transforming Systems

About the programme:

  • Time commitment is 2.5 hrs/week in Oct-Jan, with a post-programme event in May ∙ Programme begins 5 October 2021

  • CPD Accredited

  • 50% off for SERI members

  • Watch Testimonial Video here.

  • Find out more here.

“The Common Purpose process challenges you. It makes you think and the perspectives of different people allow you to try and understand others. By understanding others you better understand yourself.” – RICHARD GUINEY, CEO, Dublin Town

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