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Transitioning your Social Enterprise to a Remote /Hybrid workforce

SERI has come together with Grow Remote and Partas to bring SERI Members a training and development opportunity that will help them to identify how they wish to operate for the next decade and bring them on that journey.

The world of work is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Social enterprises need to adapt and grow in order to maximize the potential benefits and minimise the risks to their organisations of these changes. This training and development opportunity will help the network members to identify how they wish to operate for the next decade and bring them on that journey. This will help them to attract and retain the best talent, maximise their impact and have their teams functioning to the best of their ability whether that is in a hybrid or remote first context. This journey and the outcomes will be different for every network member.

What's Involved?

Discovery Workshops for CEO’s

● The programme will kick off with a workshop for the CEO’s.

● They will identify what is the best option for their social enterprise and begin to understand what is involved in transitioning successfully to a remote or hybrid workforce

Implementation workshops

● Each social enterprise will assign a team member to be their Implantation lead.

● The Implementation Leads will be participating in workshops subsequent to the structured training and form a community of practice for ongoing support.

Ongoing supports from Grow Remote

The network members will be invited into the Grow Remote community and can avail of ongoing supports such as:

● Regular AMAs with industry experts

● Access to graduates from accredited training ● Peer only events with remote first employers

To find out more information, please check out the slides below.

SERI - GR - Training Links Overview
Download PDF • 1.10MB

We highly recommend this training to Social Enterprises. If you feel this is something that you are interested in, and would like to commit to signing up, you can do so HERE.

Please note:

- Roll out of this training is subject to successfully securing funding.

- Closing date for registration is 5 pm Monday 9th of August.

- For any queries, please contact


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