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What We Do

Our strategy focuses on four pillars


  • We listen actively to the needs of our members 

  • We champion for the sector and our members 


  • We advocate for equality of supports by the State 


  • We represent the sector both nationally and internationally

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Support Group


  • We increase awareness and understanding of social enterprise


  • We demonstrate the value to Ireland’s economy and society 


  • We tell and celebrate our stories



  • We share and signpost information important to social enterprises


  • We guide social enterprises based on their needs


  • We identify and seek to close gaps in support structures


  • We share national and international best practice


  • We build connections and  facilitate networks within and outside the sector

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  • We work with local and national  Government to implement the policy


  • We will establish all-Ireland approach to social enterprise development 


  • We engage with E.U., OECD, SE World Forum and other relevant international bodies


  • We develop partnerships with the private sector


  • We work collaboratively with all support organisations


Our vision is for Ireland to have a world class

environment for social enterprises to thrive.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to champion for the sector, and our members, representing and promoting our collective voice nationally and internationally 



We always act in the best interest of our members and the social enterprise sector. 



We are passionate about social enterprise and act with courage to bring about change in the sector.



We are approachable and welcoming to social enterprises, ensuring they feel safe to share their ideas, experiences and challenges with us.



We have a bias towards action and making an impact for our members and the sector. 


Practitioner led

We believe in the wisdom of people who are living social enterprise every day. We will always have a majority of practitioners on our board and take proactive steps to be informed and guided by our members.



We understand the wide variety of people and organisations who will contribute to social enterprise fulfilling it’s potential in Ireland. We will work together in the best interests of our members and the sector.


Globally Engaged

We will learn from the latest experience and knowledge regarding social enterprise around the world. We will connect and build relationships with international organisations, to ensure we are bringing best practice to Ireland.



We will be open to the diverse forms and sizes of social enterprises that exist in Ireland and be a champion for people from all backgrounds who are in the sector.

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