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Solve Your Staffing Challenges

We understand the challenges that social enterprises face in terms of under-staffing due to financial constraints. With 40% of social enterprises operating with an annual income of less than €100,000—and the median dropping to €80,000 in rural areas—the burden of multi-tasking critical roles such as fundraising, compliance and financial management often leads to overwhelm and burnout.

A Solution for You: FRACTIONAL

FRACTIONAL by SERI is designed to alleviate the pressures of under-staffing by providing flexible, fractional staffing solutions. Through this innovative service, your social enterprise can access experienced professionals in specific roles for a number of days each week. This means you can bring in expert support in areas like:


Marketing & Communications

Governance & Compliance

Fundraising & Grant Writing

Social Impact Measurement

By participating in the FRACTIONAL service, you're not just hiring part-time assistance; you're investing in your organisation's growth and sustainability without the financial risk of employing full-time staff.

How it Works

SERI employs experienced professionals in various fields who understand the nuances of social enterprises. You can sign up to "buy" a certain number of days of professional support per week, depending on your needs. This flexible approach allows you to manage your staffing costs effectively while gaining the expertise your social enterprise needs to thrive.

Join the Waiting List

Don't let staffing challenges hold your social enterprise back.

Join the waiting list for Fractional.

Once you join the list, you'll have the opportunity to select the roles you need and specify how many days per week you require support.

Thanks for submitting!

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