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Local Election Pledge

Dear candidates,


As we approach the local elections on 7th June, SERI seeks to emphasise the vital role that social enterprises play in our communities. 


Social enterprises uniquely blend entrepreneurial activity with a social mission, aiming to address pressing local issues such as unemployment, social exclusion and environmental sustainability. They are not just businesses; they are your partners in building resilient communities.


We call upon you, our local leaders and policymakers, to publicly declare your support for local social enterprises. By doing so, you can contribute to fostering a world-class ecosystem for social enterprises right here in Ireland.


We ask you to make the following commitments if elected:

1. Access to Local Enterprise Office business supports

Advocate for access to LEO business supports that enhance the skills and capabilities of social enterprise leaders and workers.


2. Prioritise social enterprises in local procurement

Implement policies that facilitate local government procurement from social enterprises, supporting local jobs and community benefits.


3. Financial support

Increase local financial support to encourage the growth and sustainability of social enterprises.


To show your support, we invite you to sign the pledge below, publicly endorsing these commitments and joining us in our mission to support social enterprise development across Ireland. 


By doing so, you will not only help in nurturing local businesses but also in building stronger communities across Ireland.


Once you sign the pledge, we will send you a pack which you can use to promote your participation in the campaign with your constituents.


Much appreciated,

John Logue

CEO, Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland

P.S. To learn more about SERI's positions on social enterprise, click here


Sign the Local Pledge

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